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3 Best RO + UV  Water Purifier

Do you get annoyed by the daily routine of filling water bottles from the purifier and then cooling them in the refrigerator?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you got cold water from the water purifier itself?

Do you prefer drinking warm water in the winter but hate boiling it on the stove?

Worry not.

Today, we will be presenting water purifiers that have been designed keeping you in mind.

Yes, we are talking about the ‘hot and cold water purifiers’. These are the water purifiers that not only give you clean and pure water but also solve your problem of cooling or heating purified water. You can dispense hot or cold water directly as you would dispense normal water.

Not many water purifier brands offer hot and cold water purifiers at present. We have done a comparison of around 6 hot and cold water purifiers to find the top 3 among them.

What follows ahead is a detailed review of each of these top 3 hot and cold water purifiers.

But before we dive deep into the reviews let’s first look at what are the advantages of buying a hot and cold water purifier.

Why You Should Buy One?

  1. You get instant cold water from the water purifier. No need to freeze water bottles in the refrigerator for cold water.
  2. Instant warm/hot water for people who love drinking warm water in winters. Saves time and effort wasted in manually heating the water over a stove.
  3. Instant hot water for making tea, coffee, instant noodles, etc.
  4. Instant cold water for making lemonades, cocktails, etc.
  5. Reduces the chances of contamination. In case of regular water purifiers, heating or cooling requires manual handling and transferring of water from one container to another.


If you are already using an RO water purifier in your home or office and are only looking for a way to dispense hot and cold water at the click of a button then you should definitely check out our review of the best hot & cold water dispensers.

Top 3 Hot and Cold Water Purifiers in India – Reviews

1. Blue Star Stella ST4BSHC01 RO+UV Water Purifier

Blue Star Stella is India’s first RO+UV water purifier that dispenses hot, cold, and normal room temperature water.

Blue Star Stella is available in two attractive color options of White/Silver and Black/Silver.

Blue Star Stella Water Purifier

Blue Star Stella does more than just give pure water. It comes packed with features that let you enjoy hot water (as hot as 85°C) so you can make soups, tea, and coffee and cold water (as chilled as 5°C) so you can make chilled lemonades and cocktails.

Most RO purifiers available in the Indian market come with a manual tap for dispensing water, Blue Star Stella scores over all its competitors here as well as it offers an Electronic dispensing button that is easy and convenient to operate.

This hot and cold water purifier from Blue Star features two separate faucets for hot water and cold/normal water. The separate hot water faucet with a child lock provides the required safety from accidental burns. The touch-assisted water dispensing lets you make a quick and easy selection between cold, hot, and room temperature water.

Blue Star Stella features a total storage capacity of 8.2 litres and has separate in-built storage tanks for hot, cold, and normal water. The purifier can store around 4.6 litres of room temperature water, 3 litres of cold water, and 0.6 litres of hot water.

Blue Star Stella uses a 5 stage purification process consisting of Sediment Filter + Pre Carbon Filter + RO Membrane + Post Carbon Filter + UV Lamp.

Unlike most RO purifiers which recover only 20-25% of water, Blue Star Stella comes with superior water recovery of up to 33%. This reduces wastage of water, the most common problem associated with the use of RO water purifiers.

Another innovative feature is the ‘Anti-stagnant ripple technology’ which prevents the formation of slime in the storage tank if the purified water is left unused for long. This technology does not allow the purified water in the tank to remain stagnant which discourages the formation of slime and keeps the stored water fresh for long.

If you are a frequent traveler and remain away from your home often then this may result in the bacterial build-up in the storage tank which is not good. The auto-clean function ensures that stagnant water not used for 4 days is automatically drained and freshwater is filled. This feature makes sure that the water that you drink is never over 4 days old.

  • Hot, Cold, and Normal Water Dispensing
  • Ultra-modern looks
  • 8.2 Litres Large Storage Tank
  • Auto Clean function
  • Electronic Dispensing Button
  • Child Lock Function
  • Anti Stagnant Ripple Technology
  • Separate Hot Water Faucet
  • No water dispensing without electricity
  • No alerts for filter change
  • No switches for turning off the hot/cold water

2. LG WHD71RB4RP Hot & Cold Water Purifier

With LG WHD71RB4RP hot and cold water purifier features the unique one-touch hot and cold feature. You get cold water at a minimum of 5°C and hot water at a maximum of 90°C instantly.

This 5-stage hot and cold RO purifier gives you pure hot and cold water using 5 different stages of purification. The 5 purification stages are: Outside Sediment Filter or Pre Filter + Sediment Filter + Pre-Carbon Filter + RO Membrane + Post Carbon Filter.

LG WHD71RB4RP Hot and Cold Water Purifier

Unlike other hot and cold water purifiers which have two separate faucets for hot and cold water, LG WHD71RB4RP features only 1 multi-functional faucet for dispensing hot, cold, or room temperature water.

The water flow is controlled by the touch control buttons. This LG water purifier features different touch buttons for dispensing hot, cold, and room temperature water. Just tap on the respective button and use the faucet to dispense water as per your selection. Like all hot and cold water purifiers, this water purifier also comes with a child lock feature. When you activate the child lock feature, there will be no dispensing of the hot water. This provides the required safety for homes with little kids.

This purifier also features a very useful control for the continuous flow of water. When you enable the continuous flow touch button, you can get a continuous flow of water without holding the tap. The continuous flow option can be used for room temperature and cold water only, which is quite understandable because of the risk associated with hot water.

But the disadvantage of electrically controlled dispensing is you can’t dispense water stored in the storage tank in the absence of electricity.

Another distinct feature of this water purifier is the stainless steel water storage tank. The stainless steel water tank is considered to restrict the proliferation of bacteria.

Both the hot water tank and cold water tanks are insulated by a vacuum to prevent heat loss. This also improves the electrical efficiency of the purifier. The total storage capacity of LG WHD71RB4RP is 7.3 litres.

Another feature that requires a mention is indirect cooling which maintains the hygiene of the cold water. No insertion of cooling elements in the cold water tank means better hygiene.

The filter replacement indicator tells you when it’s time to replace the filter. Hot and cold water indicators show the temperature of hot and cold waterChild lock button for stopping the flow of hot water to avoid accidental burns.

But, unlike the Cuckoo Fusion Top, LG WHD71RB4RP does not have an option to turn off the hot and cold water. This may result in unnecessary electricity wastage.

  • Hot, cold, and room temperature water dispensing
  • Stainless Steel water storage tank
  • Child Lock function
  • Single faucet for hot, cold, and room temperature water
  • Filter change indicator
  • No UV purification
  • No water dispensing without electricity
  • High price
  • No switches for turning off the hot/cold water

3. Cuckoo Fusion Top Hot & Cold Water Purifier

Cuckoo is a leading brand of water purifiers from Korea. The biggest USP of Cuckoo water purifiers is its innovative and ultra-modern designs.

Like all Cuckoo products, Cuckoo Fusion Top also features a minimalist and stylish design that is suitable for both homes and workplaces.

Cuckoo Fusion Top Water Purifier

It comes with an antibacterial stainless steel water tank that ensures a continuous supply of pure and healthy drinking water. This purifier can store 2-litres of cold water and 1.4 litres of hot water.

The water purifier features a 5-stage purification process that uses Pre Filter, Sediment Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter, RO Membrane, and Nature Plus Filter.

This water purifier uses a specially designed RO membrane that removes 99.9% of impurities. The RO membrane is so fine that it can remove the smallest of impurities, as small as 1/1,000,000 size of the hair. It removes all ionic substances, heavy metals, & microorganic impurities. The purifier is suitable for a TDS level of up to 2,000 ppm.

The Nature Plus Filter is basically a post-carbon filter that improves the taste and quality of water.

Now coming to the main feature because of which this RO water purifier has been shortlisted in this list. This hot and cold water purifier comes with dual faucets for hot and cold water.

The maximum temperature of the hot water is around 88°C and the minimum temperature of cold water is around 3°C. This is great for making instant tea, coffee, soup, or any other hot beverage and lemonades, cold coffee, or any other cold beverage.

The purifier also comes with separate switches at the back for turning on and off the Hot and Cold Water. This reduces electricity consumption as you can turn off the hot water switch during summers and the cold water switch during winters.

The much-needed child lock or safety feature to avoid accidental burns or water spillage, along with a detachable spill tray makes it safe and easy to use.

A detachable and washable faucet ensures the hygiene of purified water and makes cleaning easy.

  • Hot, cold, and normal water dispensing
  • Compact & stylish design
  • Stainless steel water storage tank
  • Child Lock function
  • Separate hot water faucet
  • Separate hot water faucet
  • Detachable and washable faucet
  • Detachable water tray for easy cleaning
  • No UV purification
  • No alerts for filter change
  • Low water storage capacity
  • The brand is not so known in the Indian market, after-sales support may not be available across India


Hot and cold water purifiers are quite expensive and need considerable investment. If budget is a constraint for you then you should reconsider your plan and choose a regular water purifier instead.

If budget is not a constraint then buying a hot and cold water purifier can reduce the extra burden of cooling or heating the purified water.

The only advice that we would like to give is to choose wisely whether you should buy a hot and cold water purifier or a regular RO water purifier.