Top 10 Best Water Purifier Brands In India 2021

There is no denial of the fact that looking at the current situation that we are living up these days to have water directly from the river is not at all safe. Thanks to the brands that have been manufacturing the RO water purifier you can rest assured that your family is drinking the safe water. Remember, RO water purifier can always be the best choice for you provided, t has also come other technologies rightly blended now be that UF, UV or even the MF to name some. This way, it focuses on removing the impurities like dust, dirt, and virus and bacteria and ensures that all kinds of minerals don’t get wasted.

Many brands are competing against each other. But there is one thing in common, and that is to have your family drink healthy and safe drinking pure water. The best part is to buy the RO water purifier should not be a problem is it online or format the store. But the struggle comes when you come across some of the best-known brands and don’t know how to make the decision.

Top 10 Best Water Purifier Brands 

To make your job a little less complicated, here are some of the best brands that you may want to shortlist and consider, which definitely would give you the most reliable option. Compare them, set the budget. Understand the technology used and after-sales service and then jump on the conclusion.

1. Kent

Kent is a popular company and a trending one in manufacturing some of the top-notch water purifiers. Kent RO is one such trending product in the market today. Kent has always believed in providing its valuable customers with some of the well-known products that can enhance their drinking quality in a much better manner. That is the main reason, with their techniques of UV, UF and RO, they have been making the right use of tank, tap water and bore wells by filtering them and making it safe for drinking. The purifiers from Kent have always been loaded with some of the impeccable features. They are best suited even for the TDS water and can purify high as 2000 ppm

Kent has the most of its brand all loaded with built-in SMPS, which ensures the purify is safe from any kind of fluctuations of voltages. The capacity of most of the tanks of Kent is up to 8 liters, which are quite sufficient for the small family, and maximum capacity is up to 2 liters, which for restaurants also can serve conveniently. If you are wondering why should Kent be the option compared to other purifiers well, specifically because it has a safe maintenance level for all the required minerals that your body may not get from other purifiers? Most of the other brand’s purifiers can recover only 20% of the purified water, but in the case of Kent, the use of saving water technology is followed and hence can recover more than 50% of the purified water.

2. Eureka Purifiers 

Eureka Forbes is said to be one of the best water purifiers that you can come across in the market today. It has been leading the market because of some of the great yet impeccable features based products that have proved to be the toughest competition. The brand in the market has been quite popular for a long time. The name of the brand itself tells you the establishment is made solely on the trust and reliability which customers have built for the company because of the exceptional quality and the great services that you may not be able to find elsewhere. The company only believes in loading its products with the advanced features and thus offers the class product with a sleek performance at great pricing. Most of the purifiers by Eureka are in the market for the better durability that promises lasting usage. The company is quite capable of treating different sources of water, be it the tanker or the bore well, and ensure that your family gets the most secured drinking water option.

Eureka Forbes is one visionary brand in the market today that has been selling some of the best products like RO UV water purifiers, Forbes Aquasure and Aquasure Smart Plus to name some. The best part is all of them offer you exceptional quality, you get secure drinking water, the features are all advanced technology-based. You get these things with better durability and less maintenance that too at a cost-friendly option. What else would you need for your family when it comes to having a safe drinking option like Eureka Forbes?

3. Harvell

Moving to another brand that has proved out to be the tough competition for many other brands is the Harvells. Talking of which Harvell’s max is one of the top-notch products that has recently been introduced in the market. The functioning of Harvell’s brand is pretty simple and even it is quite an affordable solution. The company believes in only selling value for money products which is why you can rest assured that whichever product you buy from Harvells, definitely you are not going to repent for it at all. The company has the inventions of UV and RO technology blended solutions. Harvell’s along with being a leading purifier based brand, has also been a leading electronic manufacturing company that has earned the name because of the top-notch solutions that it has offered to the customers.

Most of the RP purifiers by Harvells have features like the TDS controller but along with it, it also has the UF membrane being made. This means the bypassed water gets mixed with RO water to ensure the right minerals are well utilized in the purified water. Most of its products have a variety of stage purification done that includes activated carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, and Silver Impregnated Taste Enhancer, to name awesome. This way you can be rest assured that drinking from Harvells is purely well tested and loaded with all the essential minerals. From 8 to 15 liters of storage capacity based tanks, the purifiers from Harvells are worth investing in.

4. LG purifiers 

L.G we all have known this name because of the best electronic products which it has been selling in the market today. This is one South Korean company that started with a tiny store of electronics and look now where it has reached. The company has now become the brand and is selling some of the marvelous products in the market today. That is not it! This company has been in the market since 1958, and since then, there has been no looking back. The purifiers of L.G are surely the top-notch ones because of the best service, great after-sales service, and advanced technology to name some.

L.G has been building water purifiers that are made with 94.4% less of e.coli growth. If you compare it with the plastic that takes off the water purifier, you will realize that it is the safest option of water for you and the whole family. The company has been selling a wide range of electronic products and appliances for a long time, and its addition of purifiers has surely been a cherry on the cake. Even if the price of the purifiers is a bit too high but over other products, the results that you get are surely the most trusted ones. For pristine freshwater, it is only the UV filters of LG that are reliable. LG purifier products such as WW160EP and WW180EP are some of the leading ones in the market today.

5. Aquaguard Purifier

Aquaguard surely has been one of the toughest competitions for most of the brands to date. The company not just earned the name because of the quality but also the genuine results. Your investment in purifier by Aquaguard surely will not go waste at all. The purifiers by Aquaguard have the TDS controllers, which makes it quite easy for you to manually adjust the taste and also the TDA level of the purified water too. This purification solution will allow you with some of the other magnificent features such as UV Disinfection Chamber, Sediment Filter, Chemi Block, Carbon filter, and RO Membrane to name some. The purifier is quite of great value and surely, you will not repent of installing one and using it for a long time at all.

The reason why we would suggest you go with the Aquaguard brand is that every purifier of it has multiple stage purification. It does not just ensure the cleanliness is 100%, but it also is safe to be used. The drinking water doesn’t even taste bad, and this brand is a perfect example of a classy model with built-in technology that includes MTDS, RO, and UV all in blended. Aquaguard believes in providing customers with only worth products. Surly options like Aquasafe by Aquaguard can always give you the best-purified water. Being user-friendly and having some of the great features like a quick alert in any failure and even the purification process of on and off, this brand’s purifier is worth the investment.

6. AO Smith 

This is another popular brand that has already become the talk of the town. The company started with the focus of providing its customers with some of the impeccable products and purifiers, and surely, they have managed to achieve their goals. The focus of the company solely is to offer the customers with reliable yet purifier water for drinking, which can keep their family safe all the time. The purifier has been designed to keep all the airborne diseases away and thus fights against the infections all the time. With the capable team of the professional experts who have been working with this brand, you can rest assured that your safety is in the right hands.

A.O Smith currently is the largest marketer who started selling the water heaters and now has marked its name in the section of water purifiers too. In recent times, it has become the giant water purifier option. This offers the ambient water be it the hot one too, and all that with the right minerals that your body needs. The purifications level of this company may range from SCMT, ART, and RO and UV blended. Some are manually operated while some have the electrical operation done. The Z and I series of the purifiers from this brand are quite the best of all other brands’ products, which is why buying it surely will be the best thing to do.

7. Blue Star

If you are considering buying the purifier of Blue Star then probably you don’t really have to look anywhere else further. Blue Star is a well-recognized company that has managed to earn the pride and reputation in the market today solely because of the en results which it has managed to offer the customs. The purifiers by Blue Star are quite loaded with advanced technologies. Besides, the capacity to purify the water of 12 oz makes it ideal for the routine use by the family. It comes with the blend of VV and RO purification, which is why you don’t have to parent to using it at all. With better storage capacity and less water pressure, to name some are the advantages that you get when you buy Blue Star

Blue Star offers a lasting warranty on almost every purifier of it. The blend of stylish performance with sleek design to match your home décor is the best part of this brand. Moving further, the brand sells the purifier at a cost-friendly solution, less maintenance option, and some of the money and energy-saving solution, which is why buying it will not be repent for you at all. The stylist purifier from Blue Star is available in identifier color variants and has a different purification process that includes UV lamp, RO Membrane, Pre-filter, Carbon filter, and sediment filter to name some. There is also a double purification level in most of the purifiers and the entire process of water purification passes only from the RO membrane.

8. Livpure 

Livpure is another trusted brand that you can think of choosing. This brand has earned the customers trust because of the best results, great quality and all that amazing pricing which is hard to find in today’s time in other products. This purifier may range in terms of quality and results which are why buying it is not a problem at all. The purifier may range from RO, table to till mounting and UV in different styles and great functions and performances that you may not repent at all. The technology of the purification can range from UV, RO and even UF and taste enhancer solution which is why to date it has become the choice of the customers for a long time.

Livpure is a recognized brand in the market today. Started with a small store and now reaching the markets all across the globe surely is a big achievement. But that never changed the goal of the bran dot offer the customers with ultimate satisfaction. If you have a closer look, you will realize that this company is still providing the customers and surprising them with some of the best quality based products to date and in future too, these things shall be going on ahead.

9. Hindware 

It is one of the best water filter forms that you can choose to buy. The value for money, advanced technology, perfect after-sales service, and great quality are something that you surely don’t want to give it a miss when you are considering outing this brand. This company has started with a small scale and looking at the increasing rate of happy customers, we cannot deny the fact that only reasons, why it has gained so much attention, are because of the promise and assurance which the brand has managed to keep for the customers while providing the product.

Moving further about the brand’s purifier, well, you may see new designs and new products of the brand coming up. There might be more or less new addition of the feature that from one product you may find, but in other products of the same brand, you may find in better. Well, the company has always strived hard to win the heart of customers by surprising them with the best of the water filter solution. Needless to say that Hindware is one such interesting option you can think of buying because of the great pricing and no repair and maintenance cost at all.

For more than 60 years, this company has earned the brand name and loyalty base of the customer. Considering this fact, the purifiers with innovative and advanced technology by Hindware should not be your wrong choice at all. Now it is time to get the best one for your home today before the options get sold out since the demand for these products is quite a lot.

10. Faber Galaxy

Faber galaxy is another best and the most trending product in the market today. The company has been selling the top-notch yet high purification capacity based purifiers with great after-sales service that you will never repent of buying at all. This is one of the well-known options to choose and has been in the market because of the best blend of RO+UV+UF+MAT that you probably may not get in other brands at all. Faber galaxy has been in the leading list of the best manufacturer of the purifier till date. No need to say that the results, which customers have got from the team so far is not at all disappointing. There is use of germ block technology being made by this company, which is why you will never repent of using it at all. Besides, most purifiers have free eternal sediment filter and is best for all types of water be that the bore well or the tank water.

Faber Galaxy has always strived hard to make the purifiers that would meet the expectations of commercial and residential needs. And their RO water purifier is best for the waters that have more than 2000 PPM level. The company has specially designed the models with the Filmtech RO membrane to ensure the quality is nowhere compromised at all. Besides, just like other water purifiers, the brand has managed to offer you the water with high quality and without ling any of the minerals at all.

Water Purifier Buying Guide – What Features To Consider?

Before the first time users there are possible things that may look challenging and factors to consider while buying could be one of them. Here are some things to be noted:

  • Ro Purifiers Or Reverse Osmosis Purifiers: The technology of RO allows the molecules of the water from the high TDS level to keep lower to the TDA level by the right pressure and then reverse the natural flow. The water with a lot of impurities is pumped in the RO chamber which is then pushed, and water molecules all across the semi-permeable molecules get pushed while leaving impurities behind
  • Storage Capacity: If there is a frequent cut of power or water supply is not reliable then you should focus on the purifier with a storage tank. This way you will be able to drink pure water with or without electricity need
  • A Note on TDS Controllers: It is important since they are found in UV, RO and UF purifier. The regulator of TDA regularly sense the level of the same and thus you must choose accordingly.

Final words

Now that you have gone through the buying guide and list of some of the best water purifiers and the well-known brand, it is time to make your decision. Look for the purifier that offers UV and RO technology both and can fulfill your basic needs. The purifier is the basic and the primary requirement that can always lead to healthy living. Hence ensure that you invest your money wisely in the right brand.

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