Water Purification Advantages and Disadvantages

Water is a basic need for every creature. Without water, life is impossible. Also, your body contains around 70% of water. You need water for your daily activities. So, you should drink pure water to get proper health benefits. Therefore, water purification is an essential process to get pure water. It is a process to eliminate the unwanted chemicals and substances from the water to get cleaned water. This process can improve the health of your family. For the better health of your family, you must consider purifying the water in your home.

Water purification is an effective method to make the water perfect for drinking. Also, there are some advantages and disadvantages of water purification method. Here you can learn about them.

Advantages of water purification:

  • The chances of diseases are reduced:

By drinking the purified water, you can improve your health condition. There is no risk of drinking pure water. So, the chances of getting sick are reduced. As the water is free from chemicals, there will be no risk of diseases and infections because of drinking this water.

  • It can be beneficial for weight loss:

For weight loss, water can be beneficial, like healthy diets. By drinking pure water before half an hour of a meal or snack, you can reduce the calories of that meal. As per some studies, a person who drinks a glass of water before every meal can consume 75 fewer calories in every meal. This practice of drinking water daily can help in reducing weight.

  • It can enhance the digestion process:

Water is a major ingredient in your digestion process. If the water is purified, then its benefits get doubled, and it can improve digestion. The water helps in breaking the big pieces of food and allows your body to absorb the essential nutrients from the food. By drinking pure water, people with constipation can be benefited. If you drink pure water daily, you can get sufficient energy for your daily activities from the foods you consumed.

  • Purified water is ideal for children and pregnant women:

As mentioned above, purified water doesn’t lead to any kind of disease. It is safe to use for any person. So, children and pregnant women can drink this water. People those who have problems related to the stomach or have chances of getting problems related to the stomach can drink pure water without any worries. Water purification increases the usability of drinking water, which leads to many health benefits.

  • This process can remove harmful chemicals from the water:

The drinking water comes in pipes has several unwanted additions in it. If you and your family members will drink that water, there are chances of getting sick. Some chemical ingredients such as fluoride, arsenic and lead are the substances you can find in the unpurified drinking water. If the pipes are too old, you can get unhealthy water for drinking. So, water purification is necessary to get healthy water for your family.

  • Water purification improves your skin glow:

According to studies, if you drink pure water daily, your skin appearance can be boosted. Water helps to clean your interior as well as exterior. So, by purifying the water, you can have a better look than usual.

  • Water purification enhances the taste of water:

Water is a mixture of several substances. You can find calcium, magnesium, chlorine, and many other particles, which make it unhealthy. If you purify the water, these substances can be eliminated. Water purification can improve the taste of water and is healthy to drink.

Disadvantages of water purification:

  • It can’t remove all pesticides from water:

Water purification can remove toxic substances from the water. But, it can’t remove the pesticides from water. By purifying the water, you can eliminate chlorine, mercury and other harmful substances and make it drinkable. As the pesticides are not removed, the water can cause health issues in long term usages. The presence of pesticides in the water can lead to diseases such as cancer. This disadvantage is very risky, so you need to ensure that the water purification system in your home can reduce all the unhealthy elements from the water.

  • Water purification requires high maintenance:

The water purification system needs to be maintained properly to get pure water daily. If you couldn’t maintain that, the water will be impure instead of being pure. It is a very difficult task to keep the purification system in good condition for a long time. Also, tap water is different in different places. Therefore, you need to be careful about drinking water and keep the purification system in good condition for a long time.

  • Water is wasted in the water purification process:

In the water purification process, a huge amount of water can be wasted. In the purification system or filter, all the water doesn’t pass during the purification. A little amount of water will be purified for drinking and the rest water will be thrown. The remained water goes directly to the drain, so you couldn’t notice that. This disadvantage affects the overall efficiency of water purification. Practically, you waste as much as water you drink in the water purification process.

  • It reduces the pH level:

In the water purification process, many salts are removed. Due to the absence of salts, the pH level of purified water is low. The water with low pH can rust the metals and taps. Also, it can corrode the container in which it is stored. Water purification can bring the pH level below the required limits.


Water purification is an effective method to get cleaned drinking water. It is the easiest way to soften the hard water for drinking. It doesn’t require much cost and produces pure water to be used in homes. If you take care of the disadvantages, you can get pure water to improve the health of your family. It would help if you cleaned the water filters regularly to produce healthy water for your family. Water must be pure and clean for a healthy lifestyle.

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