Top 5 Best Selling Water Purifier Brands in India

Water Purifiers help in removing germs and unwanted compounds from drinking water. Their demand these days is increasing a lot in India. One of the reasons for this spike can be the high rate of diseases that occur in our bodies because of contaminated water. Also, did you know? There can also be the presence of many harmful chemicals in water with respect to the place that you reside in. The only way you can ignore all of this is by using a good water purifier at your home regularly to purify the drinking water supply.

Best Water Purifier Brands in India

But can you buy any water purifier? The answer is no. We say that because when it comes to your health, you should go with the best. Thus, choosing a branded water purifier will be the best way to go. However, if you have not shortlisted any brands, we are here to save some time of yours. Today, we are presenting five of the most amazing and most selling water purifier brands in India. All of them are amazing, so please do not go with the position they are placed at. 

You can try browsing many of their water purifiers and go with the one that fits in your budget and also has all the special features that you wish to have.

  1. Kent RO

Everyone in India is especially aware of this water purifier brands. They are based in Noida and are known to manufacture top quality vacuum cleaners, water softeners, and water purifiers. Generally, their water purifiers are of the RO type. This means that they generally incorporate the use of reverse osmosis in water purification. RO is known to be one of the best processes when it comes to the purification of water. With this, the water gets free from harmful germs as well as salts that change its taste. No matter where you install the Kent RO water purifiers, you will always be able to consume safe drinking water.

  1. Aquaguard by Eureka Forbes

If you are an Indian, you might know that Aquaguard is known to bring water purifiers for decades. They are an extremely trustable brand as they keep the quality of their purifiers above everything. Their water purifiers are also known to work for a wide variety of waters. Hence installing them in any city or state of India will only enable you to enjoy the safest water for drinking purposes. Even after being extremely functional, their purifiers are still affordable and are hence loved a lot by the general public across the country. 

  1. Tata Swach – Ultima

When Tata Chemicals decided to launch the Tata Swach water purifiers, we already knew how amazing they are going to be. Like many other water purifiers, the water purifiers by them also incorporate the RO process of water purification. The brand is trusted by many households in India and also secures a place in the heart of thousands of Indian citizens. With a rise in the demand for water purifiers having something that is still qualitative is one of the best things anyone could hope. You are going to love how they treat their customers and help you throughout the process of the selection of a water purifier.

  1. Blue Star

Won’t it be amazing to have antioxidants added to purified water? That is what the Blue Star water purifier provides. With amazing antioxidants in drinking water, your body will be able to fight harmful free radicals that go around tearing your cells every day. Maybe this is the reason why the technology they incorporate in their water purifiers is called the Immuno Boost technology. Other than being effective, their water purifiers also look modern and hence will never break the tone of the interior design of your home. 

  1. Havells

After becoming a reputed brand in the electronics sector, Havells has also come to win your hearts with their water purifiers. The purification method uses both RO and UV technologies, and hence you can be sure that the water you drink will always remain harmless to your body. Also, microbes and pathogens can never be passed to you once both the technologies are incorporated. Nothing can go wrong once you go out and buy the Havells water purifiers. Most of their purifiers also work and purify water in eight stages. What more can you look for in a water purifier? 


If you are searching for a water purifier in India, you can honestly go with any of the brands listed above. They are all pretty popular in India and are known to offer excellent customer care throughout the process of buying their water purifiers. With a rise in the rates of water-borne diseases, it becomes imperative to get a water purifier installed at your homes. These purifiers help remove the pathogens from water so that you can be at the best stage of your health throughout the year. Using them will also ensure that your children do not catch unwanted diseases during seasonal changes in the country.

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