What is MTDS in a Water Purifier And How It Works?

TDS is an important factor to consider while purchasing a new water purifier. And if you are looking forward to buy a purifier that lasts long and offers the cleanest and safest drinking water for your family, you should keep the TDS value for your water source in mind. The modern RO water purifiers have a component in them named MTDS, which stands for Manual TDS Controller. Basically, this is the real component that is responsible to regulate the value of TDS in water and provide healthy and safe drinking water. 

All About  MTDS in a Water Purifier & Its Benefits


Due to the MTDS component in the water purifiers, they can manually adjust the TDS level of the water and provide you the safest and purest drinking water enriched with minerals and other essentials. Unlike the filters used in the water purifier, the only functionality of the MTDS is to regulate the TDS to the acceptable range for human consumption. Typically the controller is installed in the first place before any of the filtration cycles. This makes it easier for the purifier to get the water with the correct TDS with a TDS meter and then process accordingly. 

Benefits of MTDS in Water Purifier

The main reason for installing the MTDS in purifiers is to remove the access hardness of the water. However, there are many other hidden benefits that make it a worthy component of modern water purifiers. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits to knowing how essential it is for home use.

  • Regulates the TDS level to the acceptable range for human consumption
  • Enhances the pH level of the water
  • In some cases, this also enhances the taste of water
  • This is a simple and affordable tool to have

Long with these, there are numerous other benefits that you can avail of by opting for the water purifier that has built-in MTDS. So, whenever you are planning for a new water purifier for your home, we will suggest you go with the TDS level test for the water you are supposed to drink and then choose the right purifier accordingly. Having a perfect water purifier with MTDS, you will be assured of getting the best results, drinking water with a slightly better taste, and great health. 

Apart from the MTDS controller, be sure to check the other filtration levels before choosing the best-in-class water purifier that not only works well for years but also provides better drinking water for years. The modern RO purifiers typically have this controller, still, we will suggest you to check it before purchasing the purifier.


So, if you are having high TDS in water in your area, we will suggest you to opt for the RO purifier that has MTDS in it. This will not only assure the purity of the drinking water but also will assure the higher life expectancy of the purifier. There are numerous RO water purifiers in the market that have MTDS in them. Try them and you won’t be disappointed with their performance. 

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